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SM, release this boy from your dungeons asap.



I don’t really know if this GIF is relevent or not, not I’ve always wanted to use it so… yeah.

Ok, this is what you’re going to do:

Go to the airport.

Catch the next flight to Korea; fly economy class to avoid detection.
Locate the SM building and sneak past security by using all the stealthy moves you learned watching Super Junior’s “SPY” MV.
Look for my attractive, talented, lovely, perfect—sorry, inside connection. His name is ******.
He’ll take you to the SM Dungeon. That’s where you go.
And you’ve got 10 minutes to do what has to be done before the entire building goes up in flames.
Good luck.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents, Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own, More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is…

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jazinkblot:Jino is still in SM though right? Does anyone have any clue about when he's gonna debut? He's at a prime age to debut >_<

Jino…. oh right, I remember him.

He’s still in SM. They just treat him like a Nickelback CD. Used once, then placed on the “Lost Artists” shelf where he collects dust and is forgotten about. 

I’m sorry, I need a moment…


There was a rumor a while ago that he was supposed to comeback towards the end of this year.


Anonymous:Can Jino please comeback before I'm dead and buried? TT_____TT

Come on now, have some patience. I’m sure he’ll be back at least by the time you’re in the nursing home. Seriously.

rirakkusu:hi i love you can i marry oyu just because oyu amde this blog and jesus jino pls come back before i die

The wait has been far too long and hard…

I’ve heard rumors that Jino’s voice can make the deaf hear.

So maybe it can raise the dead too.

And I would love to marry you but unfortunately I’m happily in a relationship. You may have heard of him before, he’s Jino’s label mate, in a group called SHINee. It’s no big deal.

sarang-hamnida:Thank you for all the Jino's post ㅠㅠ great to know that there's a Jino blog on tumblr! /sobs

Mucho thank you, mucho love!

The other day it was probably 6384038 degress on campus. One of my friends say “GOD IT’S SO HOT” and another friend replies, “These are hot times, guys, hot times…”

On the outside I was like, “yeah, totally.”

On the inside I was sobbing like, “IF ONLY IT WAS.”